Worship and Praise

Join us in worship and praise of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ every Sunday morning!

Study and Pray

Learn the Bible and join small-group prayer meetings every Monday and Thursday evenings. 

Fellowship and Serve

Enjoy finding growing believers to fellowship with and be excited to join ministry opportunities every Sunday and Saturday afternoons.

about us

"For the love of Christ constraineth us..."

To evangelize the seeker, to establish the believer, to edify the follower, to equip the partaker, and to engage the multiplier


Our Services

Church Services

Our uplifting Sunday services feature gospel preaching, heartfelt congregational worship and praise to the Lord, and a delightful time of fellowship with like-minded believers.

Weekday Services

Throughout the week, we cherish moments of Bible study and engaging small-group prayer gatherings, alongside one-on-one discipleship of "growing believers".

Special Services

We take great joy in ministering to your spiritual needs and those of your family, providing services like counseling, weddings, dedications, baptisms, funerals, and other deeply meaningful engagements.

Outreach and Partner Ministries

We conduct outreach Bible studies, as well as hold extension worship services. We also work together with ministry partners, either by sending "available and able" volunteers or by offering assistance in training ministry workers.

Christian School Ministry

We provide a comprehensive Christian education program for children aged 3-5 years old, covering Nursery, Pre-Kinder, and Kindergarten levels, along with free reading tutorials for children aged 5-8 years old, offered through the BLESS program.

Bible School Ministry

We are delighted to offer Bible college courses and ministry training, empowering both our church members and ministry partners. Our approach is flexible, featuring night classes, a mix of online and correspondence courses, and innovative teaching methods such as broadcasting some Bible courses through a local radio program or various social media platforms.


Church Pastors

Senior Pastor

SAMMY TABUENA, D.Min. (h.c.), M.B.S., Th.B., B.S.Ed, LPT, began serving as a devoted "student worker," actively engaged in the children, youth, and music ministries under his father's pastorate for four years. For over two decades now, he has been leading with grace and wisdom as the church's senior pastor. Besides his pastoral responsibilities, he actively participates in Bible school and Christian school ministries. Moreover, he courageously answered the call to oversee two other ministries that were initiated amid the challenges of the pandemic.

Youth & Outreach Pastor

LISTER OLLERA, B.B., Th.B., B.S. Arch., RLA, has demonstrated unwavering dedication as a youth minister for over a decade, and he has also fulfilled the role of an outreach pastor for many years. He also oversees the church's building programs. Alongside a team of devoted volunteers, he fearlessly pioneered a new church plant, leaving a lasting impact on the community.